"Divine absurdity"
- New York Times

"I saw God."
- Village Voice

"Hilarious... Schlitt may be one of the most knowledgeable unordained people about the life of Jesus Christ, and he learned it all at the movies." - Edge New York City

"An amazing blend of several narratives: the history of film; the history of Jews in America; the history of Jesus and Christianity"
- NYTheatre.com

"A master of the purposeful--and very funny. A richly Satisfying show. GO!"
- LA Weekly

"Brilliant...like a great dinner party story that just happens to have video all cued up. Schlitt has some serious theatre chops. "
- Anthony Byrnes, Opening the Curtain, KCRW

"A funny, weird and thought-provoking Tour de Farce."
- Matt Holzman, Matt's Movies

"Funny and slyly perceptive. From his unique perch at the intersection of Tinseltown, theatre and comparative religion, Schlitt's wry observations cover thematically related industry foibles, philosophical speculation, and the realities of assimilation and compromise, culminating in a touching story about his terminally ill dad."
- Los Angeles Times

Jesus Ride home