So What the Hell is The Jesus Ride?

Meet historyís most compelling and elusive figure, mankindís ultimate hero, and the reason the Bible is the Worldís #1 bestseller (well, it sure ainít Leviticus baby.) If it werenít for the Savior, that hack Dan Brown would be writing book jackets.

When I was 33 years old, toiling away in my own virtual obscurity while waiting to be discovered as the next Steven Spielberg, I took a job managing post-production for a feature length motion control ride on the life of Jesus Christ. I was certain my work on this ludicrous endeavor would provide endless material to regale both friends and family for years to come.

In spite of my jaded intentions, the experience impacted me profoundly. I read the Bible for the first time, read books about the Bible, even books about books about the Good Book. I am Jewish by birth, agnostic by choice, a movie going zealot by avocation. My interest in Jesusí story didnít lead to any religious conversion, but it did result in my watching-and thoroughly enjoying-33 films about Jesus Christ. It turns out the Savior and the Silver Screen share a long and fruitful history together.

As I continued to read--religious texts, philosophical tracts, and every movie history book I could get my hands on---I made even more unexpected connections: between Evangelical Christians and Orthodox Jews, between the Crucifixion and the Holocaust, between Polish shtetls and Hollywood back lots---and yes I swear itís true, between Jesus movies and porn.

Soon I was consumed by questions. How did an impoverished rabbi become the father of modern Christianity? How did an illiterate Junkman from Minsk go on to re-invent the American dream? How do Jews in Hollywood address the Bibleís thorny "Jewish Question"? Did "The Passion of the Christ" really gross $610 million worldwide?

Two epic heroes on a search for transcendence--one, the son of God; the other, son of a TV writer--travel dizzying speeds, taking hairpin twists and turns through sweeping historical vistas and deeply private moments; An epic comedic roller coaster-- part movie history, part chronicle of Western Civilization; a stem-winding personal confession, a raconteur's fever dream, a terrifying journey through the worst Jesus movie in all human history.

Fasten your seat belts. Take the JESUS RIDE.

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