Caucus gawker

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Caucus gawker sighting at the Bob Hope Airport. I’m on my way to Iowa, folks–excited, terrified, inspired, and apparently, in good company.

Cruz on Trump

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Ted Cruz has a compelling message for the people of Iowa. Just watch…

Hold onto your hats, America. This presidential election’s gonna be a wild one!

Delusional xenophobia

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I used to think Trump’s candidacy exposed our electoral process for what it’s become. Now I think it exposes Americans for who we’ve become. Delusional xenophobia has never been stronger in America. This 00:30 second clip says it all.

Who’s taller?

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Today’s ad is a parody, but isn’t all that different from the real thing.

No hope

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Today’s political ad is only 7 years old, and yet feels like a relic from a long time ago. Barack Obama’s intelligence, integrity and remarkable personal narrative filled many of us with a previously unimaginable degree of hope for the nation. I believe he’s been an excellent president, but the transformative governance I was looking for never actually came. I doubt I’ll ever put that kind of faith in a candidate again.

Political ads then and now

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Today, I’m submitting two separate ads (the reason immediately obvious). I didn’t think it was possible, but I now like Ted Cruz even less than I did yesterday.

Watch: a 5-minute history of Syria’s war and the rise of ISIS

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“…to understand the war, you need to understand how it began and how it unfolded.”