About Mike Schlitt and the Patriot Act


About the Project


PATRIOT ACT – Presidential Road Trip 2016…Live! is one disgruntled American’s bold attempt to experience democracy in action. In 2016, Mike Schlitt embarks upon a national listening tour, traveling the country as we select our next President. He’ll find out what Americans really think about the state of the union, and he’ll share his discoveries through radio commentary, public debate, podcasts, performance workshops, democracy salons, voter registration drives and a live interactive performance of the show PATRIOT ACT. Mike is exploring our shared histories, learning what the 99% think of our Democratic process, and figuring out exactly what it means to be an American citizen today.


About the Show

PATRIOT ACT – is a 47-minute comedic theatrical roller-coaster ride through United States’ history, from our humble origins as tiny mercantile Republic to the vast Global empire we’ve become today. The show is everything you’ll ever need to know about American Democracy in just 47 minutes + puppets! It’s an exploration of the gap between the promise of the American idea and it’s deeply-flawed execution, and an invitation for audiences to engage in more active citizenship, to let their own voices be heard through art, advocacy,
activism, and action.